Friday, July 17, 2015

Questioning the Reality of Identity : Alter Art (alter-ism) Becomes a Mise en Scene for Chase Alias

MHDR Still-life utilizing Hitchcockian P.O.V. to explore Self and Question Personal Identity through Artistic Perspective.

Chase Alias' Immersionism and Alter Art(alter-ism) questions the reality of identity. Particularly when considering that a being’s own existence is as a "Vessel" carrying the Art's Ideas driven by Immersion Journalist and New Media Artist D S Pollack.

Cyber and actual space/time have so many barriers. Yet the ability to create one's own existence "as" Art is imperative. Especially if humanity wishes to ensure the stability of culture and ensure freedom of speech. 

Je suis Charlie!
I am Chasealias.
What's your Chasealias?
Who do you want to be today?

DS Pollack as Chase Alias

Fairfield County, CT, USA

June, 2558

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