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David S Pollack's New Immersionism and Gonzo Art Memoire, "Getting Chase" ; Living Though Journalism a Retrospective of 2004-2014 as Chase Alias (Pre-Edit Preview)

How Many People Know me as Chase?

(Pre-Edit Preview)

I cant tell you how many people know me as Chase Alias, but it's a hell of a lot more than any of the other names i frequently use.  In fact I have some acquaintances that know me as two or even three different people.  Sounds a little nutty huh.  Reality of it is,  It's truly very mimetic.  And as a lifelong Artist, Actor, Photographer and Journalist it seemed only natural to create my own conceptual machine utilizing like different paint brushes what other artists label as different media (unFocused).  

Its so interesting to me that one of the greatest realizations Ive ever come to was a deep understanding of Sol LeWitt's definition of Conceptual Art.  That understanding wreaked havoc on all other knowledge  But it did allow me to finally have s strong perspective of Computer age philosophy and Idealism and its founder Marshall Mcluhan.

Marshal Mcluhan's works are Ironic, Obnoxiously Arrogant and now unfortunately ingrained and have become a ubiquitous addition to our cultural lexicon. His works ironically became the iconic basis of most of the outmoded and passe computer age reasoning and Idealism.  However Marshall's philosophies had a nasty backhand which would eventually strike to become the agent of this paradigms demise.   His simple yet elegant rhetoric for Understanding Understanding Media in his early career book, Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, -M. Mcluhan published in 1964.[1]                  Wikipedia,

The Medium is the Massage: An Inventory of Effects is a co-created by media analyst Marshall McLuhan and graphic designer Quentin Fiore, and coordinated by Jerome Agel. It was published by Bantam books in 1967 and became a bestseller with a cult following.  "The medium is the message" is a phrase coined by Marshall McLuhan meaning that the form of a medium embeds itself in the message, creating a symbiotic relationship by which the medium influences how the message is perceived.  -       Wikipedia, The medium is the message:

Well I decided at some point along the way to use the abundantly popular Short From, ie. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and combine it with the subjects and experiences which were are and have become deeply personal to me and to my (gay) community.

I never planned to create my art in any style or fashion.. However once i realized exactly what i was doing and how it came to be a part of my cannon.  The concepts and philosophies found in New Journalism just seemed to be the best way to describe my process.  Especially Immersionism where the writer becomes a part of the situation and speaks from a deeply personal perspective.  In todays climate of Media Control, taking an alternative approach to journalism and non-fiction is seen as wrong.  Our system teaches writers that any style other than "the facts and nothing but the facts", will find a truly creative thinker, on the wrong side of a veritable blacklist.  In today's tech savvy world we call it "White-Listed".  And too many writers, Journalists and New Media Artists have for one reason or another fallen perfectly into line with the very system many railed against in their more idealistic youth.

Well its that very need to express myself and to shout as loudly as possibly.  The social hypocrisy and injustices our so called "Polite Society" is plagued by have become have become accepted and perpetuated.  In fact as I explore the world around me I realize that very few are unaffected by this propaganda machine we call a free world.  And the weirdest part is,  I was never political or even selfless, or so I thought.  But It was necessity which lead me to begin creating pseudonyms , complete character sketches and even following strict Method Acting principal's such as Sense Memory and the triggered Affective Memory, in order to properly Immerse myself into the sad world in which we call advanced.  When I created Chase Alias i quickly`realized there was a sort of magical charisma to him, exactly what i needed to stir up interesting responses in the company i kept.  Such strong, immediate and quite diverse reactions from almost everyone.  And the strangest part was the ability Chase seemed to have to create this energy from even the simplest and most mundane of stimuli.  

So when you create something from next to nothing it's very magical.  Its a true alchemy and the closest to a Mimesis I have and probably will ever experience.

Humans are Mimetic beings.  Feeling the urge to create text (art) which represents life itself.  -Aristotle

Excerpts from the New Immersionism and Gonzo Art Journal byt David S Pollack;

"Getting Chase" ;  Living Though the Journalism 
a Retrospective, 2004-2014 as Chase Alias 
(Pre-Edit Preview)

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