Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Immersionism an Existance as Art: My Images, Text and New Media Art is Simply a Memory of My Existence Immersed in my Alter's. -D S Pollack

Chase Alias' Autonomic Tour will be in  Miami Beach during Art Week and Art Basel.  Where several of his series which have been in progress for 10 years will each be presented as a unique Chromebook Owned by The Alter created to make the work.

Entire Social Networks are created followed and commented on with each character and/or series.

The Owner will be able to become Chase Alias, Holden Vance, Cabby or even Shiva the Great God and in so doing hold the very essence of each character in a mimetic and existential way.  So in the same way we worry so much about identity theft.  The Chromebooks of the Autonomic Tour are the memory one very real human beings existence as Art.

Becoming Available as
The Chromebooks of the Autonomic Tour

  • Basehouse: a Meditation/Playplace for Cubby  http://thebasehouse.blogspot.com
  • What we Found on Craigslist by Chase Alias http://foundoncraigslist.blogspot.com
  • a Bit Depth: a Collaborative Immersion Art Series, an Algorythmic Creation for Motion HDR http://Abitdepth.Blogspot.com
  • Automated Animator by Holden Vance. Http://automatedanimator.blogspot.com
  • Who I M, including Bugchaser and the unreleased Pissfuck by Chase Alias. Http://thewhoim.blogspot.com
  • Alter-Motivation by Shiva. Http://altermotivation.blogspot.com
  • Watch the Gap by Chase Alias for Theorize Art Think/Tank http://watchgap.blogspot.com
  • ReTweet Ctritique by Holden Vance occasionally as Ai WeiWei. Http://retweetcritique.com
  • Jersey barrierS by Tony Marini. Http://JerseybarrierS.blogspot.com
  • Evil Daddies of Fairfield County by Chase Alias with Bear Bennett and Charles L Vaast Jr.  Http://evildaddies.blogspot.com
  • Walking (NYC) by Chase Alias http://autonomictour.Blogspot.com
  • What's a Cam4 by Chase Alias. Http://whatsacam4.blogspot.com
  • What Weekend a Mise en Scene by Cubby and Chase Alias http://what weekend.blogspot.com
  • Endogenous by Chase Alias http://chasealias.com
While in Florida Chase Alias' most controversial series yet will be in production. Wanna Make Porn?  The very name of this series Facebook to censor all works of Chase Alias, David S Pollack and Holden Vance with any sort of nudity.  Including Chase Alias' the David(as seen above) They have no problem featuring the David (Michelangelo) in all his glory.  So it's official,  I'm Banned on Facebook, just for daring to recreate my very existence.  Oh Well.  I have lived so many lives in them past 10 years and seen so many things that my reality is often mistaken for fiction.  Causing most of my alters to be cast as the Anti-Hero.  Hey I don't mind being the Stranger. As long ast I am being present.

A Compendium for the Chromebooks of the Autonomic Tour will be published, 2015

D S Pollack
Immersionism an Existence as Art

Humans are Mimetic Beings feeling the urge to create text (art) which represents life itself.  -Aristotle